Health Highlights: Feb. 8, 2023​

Big changes are coming to health care after pandemic emergencies expire. People will soon have to pay part or all the cost of COVID tests, treatments and vaccines, and as many as 15 million people will likely lose their Medicaid coverage. Read more

Americans are getting more comfortable talking over mental health with doctors. Between 2006 and 2018, the percentage of primary care visits that addressed mental health concerns rose 50%, research shows. Read more

Tying the knot could keep high blood sugar at bay. Married or cohabiting couples have lower blood sugar levels than single people, a new study shows, and that was true whether or not the couple got along with each other. Read more

Long COVID risk may be especially high for people with cancer. More than half of cancer patients develop long COVID, new research reveals, and women are at higher risk than men. Read more