TUESDAY, May 30, 2023 (HealthDay News) — For people who’ve lost some mental sharpness, to either aging or disease, a technique that gently “zaps” the brain circuitry is showing early promise. That’s according to a new analysis of more than 100 studies assessing the technique, called transcranial alternating current stimulation,Continue Reading

WEDNESDAY, May 24, 2023 (HealthDay News) — Older Americans are increasingly likely to log into “patient portals” to access their health care information — but confidence levels vary. About 78% of people aged 50 to 80 now use at least one patient portal, according to the new University of MichiganContinue Reading

TUESDAY, May 23, 2023 (HealthDay News) — You’ve heard of eating your spinach to stay strong, but how about loading up on your flavonols? New research suggests that plant-based foods rich in these important dietary compounds could lower your chances of developing frailty as you age. Apples and blackberries areContinue Reading

TUESDAY, May 16, 2023 (HealthDay News) — Older adults are more easily distracted than younger folks, especially if they’re also physically exerting themselves, according to new research. “Our results suggest that older adults might have heightened distractibility,” said study co-author Lilian Azer, a graduate student from the University of California,Continue Reading