FRIDAY, Feb. 23, 2024 (HealthDay News) — Microscopic bits of plastic have been found lodged in tissues in much of the human body, and new research shows they are also infiltrating the placenta. All samples of placental tissue take from 62 women were shown to contain microplastics, a team atContinue Reading

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 21, 2024 (HealthDay News) — Mercury levels in tuna haven’t changed since 1971, despite efforts to reduce emissions of the toxic metal into the environment, researchers report. Their analysis of nearly 3,000 tuna samples caught in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans between 1971 and 2022 revealed stableContinue Reading

MONDAY, Feb. 19, 2024 (HealthDay News) — A shift in parenting early in a child’s development might help curb the symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), new research suggests. When a preschooler exhibits an “excitable or exuberant” temperament, dialing down a “controlling” style of parenting in favor of what’s knownContinue Reading

TUESDAY, Feb. 13 (HealthDay News) — Two of the most common pregnancy complications for women, high blood pressure and gestational diabetes, could jeopardize the future heart health of their children, a new study suggests.  Researchers found that the children of women who developed either or both of those conditions duringContinue Reading