Birth control pills tied to slight rise in breast cancer risk, regardless of formulation. A new study finds the single hormone pill and combination estrogen-progestogen pills confer a similar degree of heightened risk for breast cancer. Read more When BMI isn’t used as measurement, obesity’s health ‘benefit’ disappears. A newContinue Reading

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Bile duct cancers: Funding, research needed to fight this silent killer. As too many American families have discovered, this tumor is typically only discovered once the cancer is in an advanced, incurable stage. Anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 such cases occur in the United States each year. Read more DrugContinue Reading

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Having a-fib might raise risks for dementia. The link was stronger in people who developed a-fib before age 65 and in those without chronic kidney disease, a new study found. Read more Chest scans for respiratory ailments might also spot heart trouble. Reviewing CT scans on file to estimate aContinue Reading

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Two healthy diets may help prevent dementia. Seniors who followed either the Mediterranean or MIND diet had the brain age of someone 18 years younger, new research showed. Read more Pharmacies, hospitals face shortage of breathing drug albuterol. One of the two major U.S. manufacturers of the generic drug shutContinue Reading

Vitamin D could help prevent dementia. Consuming the “sunshine vitamin” lowered the chances of dementia by 40%, when compared to those who didn’t take supplements, new research showed. Read more Most college athletes with genetic heart defects can safely play sports. In a study, 95% of college and professional athletesContinue Reading

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