Health Highlights: Feb. 6, 2023​

His debilitating back pain lasted decades, until a new implant changed everything. The new muscle-stimulating device works by strengthening the multifidus muscle, which is essential for walking, sitting and bending, doctors say. Read more

A rare but dangerous form of eating disorder could run in families. Anywhere from 1% to 5% of the population has a condition called avoidant restrictive food intake disorder, or ARFID, experts say. Read more

MRI might boost cancer detection for women with dense breasts. The technology detected even tiny cancers in women with dense breasts who had had a negative mammogram, a large study found. But one expert worried about the rate of false-positive findings. Read more

Got bunions? Key factors can decide whether surgery is right for you. While most bunion surgeries are a success, about 10% fail, leaving patients with continued pain and disability. Read more

Outbreak of measles in Ohio that sickened 85 kids is over. All of the affected children were under-vaccinated, experts noted, and while none died 36 were hospitalized. Read more