Health Tip: Options to Help Insomnia

(HealthDay News) — Insomnia is a broad term that may include difficulty sleeping through the night, or problems falling asleep in the first place.

The National Women’s Health Information Center offers this list of possible treatment options for insomnia:

  • Practicing relaxation therapy to help manage stress.
  • Working with a doctor, initially restricting the amount of sleep (rising earlier or going to sleep later), then gradually increasing sleep to encourage a full night’s rest.
  • Reconditioning yourself for sleep, which involves limiting your bed for sleep or sex — no TV or reading. This helps condition your body that your bed is only for sleep.
  • Getting a physical exam to see if there are any health conditions that could be contributing to insomnia.
  • Evaluating your lifestyle for behaviors that could negatively affect sleep, such as drinking alcohol or caffeine at night.