Health Tip: Start Your Day With a Good Breakfast

By on March 16, 2010

Your mother’s edict that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is true, experts say.

The Nemours Foundation suggests how you can get a quick but healthy breakfast each morning:

  • Fill your pantry with lots of healthy choices for breakfast.
  • The night before, try to get as much ready as possible for breakfast. Have dishes and flatware out, get fruit cut up, and prepare as much as possible in advance.
  • Wake everyone at least 10 minutes earlier than usual to make sure there’s plenty of time to eat.
  • Encourage the kids to participate in planning and making breakfast.
  • Have quick, healthy breakfast options on hand when time has eluded you — such as trail mix, yogurt, fruit or individual boxes of cereal.

Source: HealthDay

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