Health Tip: Coping With Stress

By on June 11, 2010

Who isn’t stressed these days? Whether it’s your job, family, finances, social life, or illness, no one is immune.

Learning to manage the stress in your life can help you live healthier and happier; enjoy your job, family and friends more; and focus your energies on things in life that really count.

The AARP recommends these steps to less stress:

  • Make a list of the things that cause you the most stress. Write them down, along with the level of stress they cause and how they affect you.
  • Take control by deciding which things on the list you can do something about — and do them.
  • Unload and learn to say “no” (this might take some practice). Don’t commit to new things because you feel you have to.
  • Don’t expect perfection from yourself or others.
  • Set priorities. Decide what is most important for your family and you, and set time aside for those things, such as family meals, fun time or retirement planning.

Source: HealthDay

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