Health Tip: Teach Kids About Portion Control

By on February 9, 2011

Whopping portion sizes are a big reason for why people overeat. But if you teach your children about appropriate portion sizes, they may be more likely to stick to healthy portions into adulthood.

The Nemours Foundation offers these suggestions:

  • Put meals on smaller plates so that the portion appears larger.
  • Divide snacks into small portions, instead of sending your child off to snack with the whole bag.
  • Separate leftovers into small portion sizes, instead of storing them in larger containers.
  • Serve food away from the table, which may limit family members from going back for seconds.
  • Produce single-serving foods to help your children visualize what an appropriate serving is.
  • Eat meals slowly, and make sure they contain plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Split orders at a restaurant.
  • Skip the plus-sized value meals at fast-food eateries.

Source: HealthDay

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