Health Tip: Help Prevent Burnout

By on July 12, 2010

Managing all of your responsibilities at home and work can make it difficult to find some personal time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests how busy parents can help prevent burnout:

  • Sneak in a few minutes of quiet relaxation at work, even if it’s just by closing the door and breathing deeply, or by going for a quick walk.
  • Try to arrive home happy, energetic and feeling refreshed.
  • Find ways to reduce your load, such as by getting a healthy takeout dinner a few nights a week, or by hiring someone to help you with household chores.
  • Share some responsibilities among all family members, such as by having everyone pitch in to clean up the house.
  • Accept that you can’t always accomplish everything at once. Set priorities for what’s most important.
  • Treat yourself to some relaxation time during the weekend, whether it’s by reading a book in a quiet room, or by going to the gym alone.

Source: HealthDay

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