Health Highlights: June 28, 2022​

Experts offer advice on talking to kids about abortion access. Recent rollbacks of abortion rights are a lot for young people to process, and parents and caregivers should talk to their kids about what is happening and what it may mean for their futures, experts said. Read more

Your doctor’s race, gender may influence your reaction to treatment. In a new study, white patients appeared to improve faster when treated by a white male — the stereotypical doctor in the United States. Read more

Which Americans live longest? Race, locality may tell. A person’s race was a big factor, but just how important it was to longevity varied a lot, based on where someone lives. Read more

How much will that hip replacement cost? Many hospital still aren’t telling. Despite new laws requiring hospitals to list prices online, new research found that only a third of hospitals have been fully compliant when it comes to knee and hip replacement surgeries. Read more