Health Highlights: July 28, 2022​

Vitamin D supplements won’t lower older adults’ fracture rates. Seniors who take the nutrient to improve their bone health and ward off fractures are just wasting their time and money, a major new study has found. Read more

Rare, deadly bacterial infection is now in United States. B. pseudomallei has now been found in soil and water samples along the Gulf Coast, the CDC warned. Infection can trigger a serious disease called melioidosis that is fatal in about 10% to 50% of people who are infected worldwide. Read more

U.S. orders nearly 800,000 more doses of monkeypox vaccine. As people line up for the shots nationwide, the new shipment should vaccinate hundreds of thousands more at-risk Americans, officials said. Read more

Face shields no match for COVID spread. In a new British study, none of 13 styles studied offered high protection against potentially infectious droplets. Read more