Is an AARP Membership worth it?


Join AARP today and save 25% off! Only $12 for your first year with Automatic Renewal, normally $16!

What is AARP and how does it work?

AARP is a nonprofit organization with a membership that empowers Americans who are nearing the retirement age to choose how they want to live their life. AARP provides a wide range of benefits, special products, and services for members. While AARP is dedicated to people 50 and over, there is no minimum age required to join.

How much does the AARP membership cost?

The AARP membership is typically $16 a year. However, they’re currently running a promo that offers new members 25% off your first year when you sign up for automatic renewal. This drops your initial annual fee to $12.

Benefits and key takeaways

There are a variety of different benefits that come with an AARP membership. These benefits include discounts at popular restaurants, movie theaters, a variety of retailers, etc.

If you love to travel, AARP has got you covered. Their membership offers a 30% discount on car rentals, $200 off on round-trip tickets booked via British Airways, and hotel perks of up to 10%-20% off certain hotels. AARP also has special offers and discounts on cruises too!

Besides these shopping and travel perks, AARP also provides discounts, services and resources that can help you maximize your retirement.


So, if you have been thinking about getting an AARP membership for a while now, then this is your sign to do so. Sign up today to take advantage of the $12 promo for your first year as a new member!