Health Tip: Prevent Falls While Decking the Halls

By on December 22, 2009

Holiday decorating often requires the use of a stepstool or ladder, either of which can lead to a fall.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers these suggestions to avoid falls while decorating for the holidays:

  • Decorate first, drink after. Don’t attempt to do any decorating during or after drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t use a bigger stepstool or ladder than you need.
  • Before using it, make sure the stepstool or ladder is in good shape with no loose or missing parts.
  • Make sure the ladder or stepstool is on a flat, sturdy surface.
  • Wear sturdy shoes with tied laces.
  • When attempting to move or hang any large or heavy object, ask someone to help you.

Source: HealthDay

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