Health Tip: Handling Workplace Emergencies

(HealthDay News) — Your workplace may expose you to tobacco smoke, allergens, germs, chemicals and other
airborne contaminants.

Warning signs for you and your co-workers could include a rapid onset of headaches, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness or breathing difficulties.

If you think there is a health emergency at your job, it’s important to take quick action, the American Lung Association says.

It offers these suggestions for getting you and your co-workers out of harm’s way:

  • Notify and seek help from the appropriate emergency agency, such as the fire department, gas supplier, health department or hazardous waste authority.
  • Evacuate the area, if necessary.
  • Get medical help for people with symptoms.
  • Use fans to ventilate the area.
  • Tell other building occupants about the problem.
  • Fix the source of the problem.