Health Tip: Keep Your Child Safe in the Backyard

By on May 4, 2010

Though children can get much-needed exercise in the backyard, there’s still a chance that they could get hurt.

The American Academy of Pediatrics lists these backyard safety suggestions:

  • Make sure your child knows the boundaries of your yard if you don’t have a fence, and that someone is always outside supervising your child.
  • Look for harmful and potentially toxic plants in your yard, and get rid of them or make sure your child can’t reach them.
  • Instruct your child not to eat anything from an outdoor plant.
  • Be careful with pesticide use in areas where children gather, and avoid using power mowers and other equipment when kids are playing.
  • Make sure your child can’t reach the barbecue grill while you’re using it, and teach your child that a grill is like a stove — hot, and off-limits.
  • Don’t let your child near automobile traffic.

Source: HealthDay

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