Health Tip: How to Protect Toddlers From Burns

(HealthDay News) — Toddlerhood is a time of exploring, adventure — and accidents. Toddlers investigating their world can run into hot water in more ways than one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests how to protect toddlers from burns:

  • Keep your child out of the kitchen while you’re cooking to avoid hot water, grease or food spills.
  • Don’t allow your toddler to wander around rooms where there are hot grills, heaters or anything else that he or she may grab.
  • Never carry your child and hot food/drink at the same time, and never leave hot drinks or food within your child’s reach.
  • Adjust your hot water heater so the water temperature doesn’t exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Install a working smoke detector on each story of your home, especially near sleeping areas and the furnace.