Health Tip: Choosing Baby's Formula

By on December 6, 2010

While infant formula doesn’t offer the nutritional benefit of breast milk, it’s invaluable to parents who can’t, or choose not to, breast-feed.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers this advice to help parents who are feeding their baby formula:

  • Choose a formula that’s fortified with iron.
  • Think about convenience versus price. This will help you decide issues such as selecting powdered versus ready-to-feed.
  • Since the last thing you want to do is run out of formula, be sure to stock up once you’ve found a formula that works for you and your baby.
  • If your baby seems fussy, has diarrhea or is constipated, talk to the pediatrician about whether your baby may be intolerant to lactose or soy. About 10 percent of babies are intolerant to one or both.

Source: HealthDay

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