Health Tip: Want to Stop Smoking?

(HealthDay News) — Quitting smoking is never easy, but it’s possible with the proper mindset and, possibly, with nicotine therapy.

Almost 70 percent of adult smokers want to quit, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says. Over-the-counter smoking cessation products include skin patches, lozenges and gum. There’s also prescription medication.

Tobacco users are used to having nicotine in their bodies, so a gradual weaning often is an effective approach.

The FDA suggests what to keep in mind when considering nicotine therapy:

  • Speak with your doctor to understand how these products work and any potential side effects.
  • Discussing smoking cessation with your doctor is particularly important if you have diabetes, heart disease, asthma or stomach ulcers.
  • Visit the FDA website to learn more about various smoking cessation products and methods.