Health Highlights: Sept. 29, 2022​

‘Bionic pancreas’ could make life easier for people with type 1 diabetes. If approved by the FDA, the iLet Bionic Pancreas would be the most automated system available for managing the illness — tracking blood sugar levels and delivering insulin with minimal input from patients. Read more

Perceptive pooches can smell your stress. Everyone knows dogs have a keen sense of smell, but now researchers have discovered they can even smell stress in the breath and sweat of humans. Read more

Jynneos vaccine does seem to prevent monkeypox. In a U.S. study, the shot — which was designed to fight a viral cousin, smallpox — does seem to prevent monkeypox, and two doses are better than one. Read more

Weight-loss surgery may raise odds for new-onset epilepsy. People who had the surgery had a 45% relative increased risk of developing the condition, compared with people who did not have the surgery, a new study found. Read more

Does your surgeon’s gender matter? There’s no difference in rates of death or complications between male and female surgeons, Japanese data shows. Read more

Not enough older Americans are checking their blood pressure at home. Of Americans ages 50 to 80 who take blood pressure meds or have a health condition affected by high blood pressure, only 48% regularly check their pressure at home or other places, research shows, Read more