Health Highlights: Sept. 28, 2022​

Does forced cheerfulness at work lead to burnout? A new study finds that forcing yourself to be cheery at work can be emotionally exhausting, leaving some workers feeling drained, distracted and maybe even less productive. Read more

New Alzheimer’s drug shows promise in clinical trial. Eisai’s lecanemab appeared to slow cognitive decline in people with early stage disease by 27% over 18 months, the company said. Read more

‘Breakthrough’ infections after COVID vaccination can help prevent future illness. Folks who underwent this scenario experienced an immune response equal in power and effectiveness to receiving a third booster, new research shows. Read more

Study probes link between children’s vaccines and asthma. While a federally funded study found a possible link, experts noted the research has important shortcomings and results remain inconclusive. Read more

Regular weightlifting could lengthen your life. Combining weightlifting with aerobic exercise can significantly lower your odds of dying early, especially from heart disease, new research shows. Read more

Sleep experts warn against giving melatonin to kids. Use of the over-the-counter sleep aid is increasing among young people, and calls to poison control centers and visits to the emergency room are also on the rise. Read more

Virus linked to paralysis in kids is on the rise. Increases of enterovirus D68, also called EV-D68, happen about every couple of years in the United States, with outbreaks tending to peak in late summer and early fall, experts warn. Read more

Medicare premiums could dip slightly next year. Millions of seniors who paid high increases in Medicare premiums this year will get a break when they see a rare decrease in monthly premiums for Medicare Part B. Read more