Health Highlights: Sept.22, 2022​

First evidence that babies can taste, smell in the womb. Special scans of late-term fetuses show that those whose moms had just consumed carrots showed more “laughter face” responses, while those whose moms had eaten kale showed more “cry face” responses. Read more

Fattened-up bears offer clues to human diabetes. Every year, hibernating bears pack on a huge amount of weight and then lie around for months — all without suffering the health consequence of diabetes. Now researchers are closer to unlocking their secret. Read more

Shortage of Moderna booster vaccine spurs federal action. Officials say more batches of the updated Moderna bivalent booster are being shipped to pharmacies to keep up with demand. Read more

A hotter world could worsen heart failure. A French study found that heat waves in the summer of 2019 were associated with weight loss, which can exacerbate the illness. Read more