Health Highlights: Oct. 6, 2022​

Move to zero-emission trucks could save 66,000 lives. The benefit would accrue if all medium- and heavy-duty trucks sold have zero emissions by 2050, and if the electricity they use comes from non-combustion renewable energy, not fossil fuels, a new report concludes. Read more

Instagram ‘post-baby’ shots don’t reflect average women. The average-sized woman probably does not post Instagram “postpartum body” photos, new research shows, and the svelte pics of those who do give Instagram users a skewed version of what a postpartum figure should look like. Read more

Petting a dog does your brain some good. Researchers found that when study participants viewed, felt and touched real dogs, it led to increasingly high levels of activity in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. Petting a stuffed animal didn’t spur the same change. Read more

COVID boosters could save 90,000 U.S. lives this winter. A new modeling study finds that’s less likely if vaccine uptake continues at the current low pace, however. Read more