Health Highlights, Nov. 10, 2021

Pfizer seeks FDA OK of COVID booster shots for all adults. The request was filed late Tuesday and the FDA has said it would move quickly to expand booster use if there’s a need. Boosters for adults 65 and older were approved last month. Read more

Pandemic could bring change to standard infection control practices. COVID-19 has brought lessons on respiratory disease transmission, and a new review suggests that hospitals could use those insights to create smarter infection-control policies. Read more

Mindfulness could boost your mindset after cardiac arrest. Survivors who learn to focus their thoughts on the here and now during recovery are less likely to become depressed or anxious, new research has found. Read more

Exercise won’t raise odds for arthritic knees. Keep running, keep working out: An extensive British analysis of prior study data has found no link between a person’s amount of physical activity and their risk for knee arthritis. Read more