Health Highlights: March 23, 2022

COVID hospital stay can leave some with big hospital bills. Even before the termination of pandemic-era waivers on insurance charges, about 10% of patients found themselves with bills of $2,000 or more, new research finds. Read more

Heat waves tied to climate change are raising U.S. heart deaths. Climate changes means that Americans now endure about three times as many heat waves as in the 1960s, putting sometimes deadly strain on their cardiovascular health. Read more

Coverage for COVID-19 tests, treatments halted for uninsured Americans. They’ll no longer receive federal government coverage because of the current budget impasse between the White House and Congress, a Biden administration official says. Read more

Organs donated by people who had COVID are safe. These organs did not cause infection in recipients and posed no risk to health care workers, a new analysis finds. Read more

Male contraceptive pill gets closer. A new formulation appears to work well in mice, researchers say, and human clinical trials of a non-hormonal version could begin later this year. Read more