Health Highlights: March 22, 2022

Medical marijuana may help many avoid opioids. For those suffering from chronic back pain or arthritis, medicinal pot is proving a less harmful alternative, new research shows. Read more

How risky is knee replacement for folks over 80? A study of more than 1.7 million seniors who underwent knee replacement surgery found getting a new joint isn’t as hazardous as one might think. Read more

Could the ‘party’ drug Ecstasy help ease PTSD? In a small study, patients treated with a combo of the psychedelic drug, also known as MDMA, and talk therapy were much more likely to see an end to symptoms compared to those who got psychotherapy alone. Read more

FDA urges proper storage of home COVID tests. The kits can cause harm if not used according to manufacturers’ instructions, and they also need to be kept out of reach from children, the agency warned. Read more