Health Highlights: March 21, 2022

Drug infusion pumps vulnerable to flaws, hackers. They’re used in hospitals to govern the flow of IV medications and fluids into patients, but reports are surfacing of potential dangers from these high-tech devices. Read more

Sleep apnea can speed aging — but CPAP can help. Besides the annoyance and health issues tied to interrupted sleep, apnea appears to accelerate aging, new research shows. But effective treatment can curb that, experts say. Read more

Excess pounds in middle age can take a toll. Middle-aged folk who are obese, or even simply overweight, may face more health problems down the road, new research shows. Read more

U.S. health officials faced widespread harassment during pandemic. A survey of workers at 583 local health departments nationwide found 57% of them reported nearly 1,500 incidents of harassment, some so bad that people decided to quit. Read more