Health Highlights: March 16, 2022

Ukraine’s refugees face massive mental health crisis. Stories from Ukrainians fleeing a nation under bombardment are highlighting a humanitarian crisis as millions flee across the border. Read more

How you can help ease the health crisis in Ukraine. HealthDay has compiled a list of trustworthy agencies working right now in Ukraine and surrounding countries who need your financial support. Read more

Mammograms can also highlight heart risk. Digital breast X-rays can also detect a build-up of calcium in the arteries of your breasts, an early sign of heart disease, new research confirms. Read more

Pfizer-BioNTech asks FDA to OK a second COVID booster shot for Americans 65 and older. The move came on Tuesday and is based on data out of Israel, which has already deployed a second round of boosters to help shield its population. Read more

Palliative care teams often crucial after severe stroke. These professionals can help a patient and their loved ones deal with stress and grief and guide them through important decision-making. But a new study finds them available to just 1 in every 5 people debilitated by severe stroke. Read more