Health Highlights: March 14, 2022

Americans with diabetes still struggling with high insulin bills. It’s a century-old drug, but insulin prices just keep rising and some patients are endangering their health by skipping doses. Will federal price cap legislation come soon enough to help ease the situation? Read more

Links between depression and worsening dry eye. The connection between the two issues isn’t clear, experts say, but both conditions can greatly impact quality of life and need to be addressed. Read more

COVID meds work against Omicron BA.2 variant. Under lab conditions, the so-called ‘stealth’ variant of Omicron appears to be just as susceptible to antivirals and monoclonal antibody drugs, new research shows. Read more

‘Deltacron’ COVID variant probably poses little threat. The new hybrid of the Delta and Omicron variant was first found in samples collected in France in January. But analysis is showing it to be extremely rare and not able to spread exponentially, experts said. Read more