Health Highlights: March 11, 2022

Could Russian hackers cripple U.S. health care systems? Cybersecurity experts warn that attacks launched against Ukrainian institutions have the potential to spill over into America’s health care systems. Read more

A non-antibiotic alternative for treating UTIs. The medication, called methenamine, was comparable to standard, low-dose antibiotics in preventing women’s recurrent urinary tract infections, new research showed. Read more

Sleep experts call for end to twice-a-year time changes. With clocks going ahead a hour on Sunday, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine says the ‘spring forward/fall back’ regime should be scrapped because it poses health and safety risks. Read more

COVID’s global death toll may be 3 times greater than official numbers. The official COVID-19 death toll between Jan. 1, 2020, and Dec. 31, 2021, was 5.9 million, but 18.2 million excess deaths may have occurred over the same period, a new analysis finds. Read more

This year’s flu shot was a poor match to circulating strains. New data from the CDC finds the 2021-2022 season vaccine offers only meager protection, but luckily influenza remained at low levels for another season. Read more