Health Highlights: June 9, 2022​

Could milk raise a man’s odds for prostate cancer? Guys who drank close to two cups of milk a day had about a 60% increased risk for developing the disease compared with men who steered clear of dairy, a new study shows. Read more

Two more Omicron variants are spreading in United States. BA.4 and BA.5 now represent 13 percent of new coronavirus cases in the United States, up from 7.5 percent a week ago, CDC data shows. Read more

Sleep with your pet? Survey shows you’re not alone. In a new survey, more than half of Americans said a four-legged friend shared their bed, and 46% of those people said they sleep better because of it. Read more

Scientists pinpoint ‘sickness center’ in the brain. Animal studies suggest that a small area of your brain triggers the familiar symptoms of fever, chills, fatigue and loss of appetite when you have a viral or bacterial infection. Read more