Health Highlights: July 26, 2022​

Fasting diet could help folks with type 2 diabetes. People with diabetes who restricted their daily eating to a 10-hour window had blood sugar levels in the normal range for about three hours longer than those who ate freely, new research showed. Read more

What’s in your CBD product? Labels often mislead. Customers buying creams, patches or lotions containing cannabidiol to reduce pain or inflammation may get much more or much less than they expected, researchers say. Read more

Today’s potent pot could be a prescription for addiction. A British analysis of data from 20 studies found that people who use high-potency marijuana are more likely to experience addiction than those using low-potency products. Read more

Dangerous A-fib can follow many surgeries. About 13% of patients who’d undergone non-cardiac procedures went on to develop the heart arrhythmia, most within a week after the surgery, researchers found. Read more