Health Highlights: July 19, 2022​

Where pot became legal, car crash deaths rose. In states that legalized marijuana, the rate of car crashes with injuries increased by nearly 6%, while fatal crashes rose by 4%, a new study found. Read more

Paintball guns are being used for harm — and blinding victims. The new study was prompted by a string of paintball drive-by shootings that occurred in Chicago in 2020, researchers say. Read more

Blood thickness may play role in COVID death risk. Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 who have higher blood viscosity are at greater risk of dying from COVID-related complications, researchers found. Read more

Fauci may retire at end of Biden’s term. “I am not going to be on this job forever, but I can tell you that I will almost certainly step down before the next [presidential] term,” the 81-year-old said in an interview. Read more

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