Health Highlights: Jan. 20, 2022

Ordering groceries online? Good luck finding nutrition info. Use of online home delivery services skyrocketed during the pandemic, but many websites are making it hard to find nutrition information on their products, a new study shows. Read more

Vaccination plus prior infection gives best COVID protection. For those who think a prior case of COVID can shield them from the virus, new research shows that adding in vaccination still offers the best chance to escape harm. Read more

Binge-watching & blood clot dangers. A new study suggests that too many hours of TV could raise your risk of life-threatening clots in the legs or lungs by 35%. Read more

Americans at risk of suicide aren’t getting the help they need. New data shows that about four in 10 Americans who attempt suicide don’t receive mental health care, according to a new study that also found a “substantial and alarming increase” in suicide attempts. Read more