Health Highlights: Dec. 7, 2021

Biden touts reductions in prescription drug prices in new bill. As part of a $2 trillion bill currently before Congress, the Biden Administration aims to mandate price caps on 10 widely used drugs, including a limit of $35 as a monthly co-pay for insulin. The pharmaceutical industry is lobbying hard against the changes. Read more

Monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19 can be delivered by injection. The best available treatment for coronavirus infection just got a lot easier to administer to more people, potentially saving more lives in the process, a new study claims. Read more

Black women have triple the odds for lymphedema after breast cancer surgery. The condition involves a painful swelling of the arms and legs, and more research is needed to determine why race plays a role, experts said. Read more

Had COVID? Vaccination may strengthen your antibody response. Yet another study shows that a combination of vaccination and previous infection may provide better protection against new COVID-19 variants than either one alone. Read more

U.S. to spend $400 million to help other countries rush vaccines to citizens. The aim is to help prevent a global surge in cases from new variants such as Delta and Omicron, officials said. Read more