Health Highlights: Aug. 8, 2022​

Inflation has many Americans cutting back on health care. A poll conducted in June found 1 in 4 Americans (26%) have put off medical care or prescription purchases due to rising prices. Read more

Self-employed women are often healthier. A study of more than 4,600 working U.S. women found that those who were self-employed typically got more exercise and that seemed tied to lower rates of obesity and heart disease risk factors. Read more

Many teens are switching from vaping to nicotine-laden gum, candy. Such products were the second-most commonly used nicotine or tobacco items among more than 3,500 Southern California ninth- and tenth-graders surveyed last fall. Read more

Biden tests negative for COVID again. The president tested negative over the weekend after an initial case of the virus and a rebound of the infection. “He will safety return to public engagement and presidential travel,” said the president’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor. Read more