Health Highlights: Aug. 4, 2014

Health Highlights: Aug. 4, 2014

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:

Toledo’s Tap Water Ban Still in Effect

A tap water ban remains in place in Toledo, Ohio because the city’s water supply is contaminated with toxins from algae growing in Lake Erie.

Residents were told early Saturday to stop using tap water for drinking, brushing teeth, and food preparation. Officials also advised that tap water not be given to pets and that children and people with weak immune systems should not bathe in tap water, The New York Times reported.

There is no indication of when the tap water ban might be lifted, so the 500,000 residents who rely on the city’s water system were preparing for days without clean running water. Some lined up to get bottled water, while others drove long distances to buy water or get it from family and friends who live outside Toledo.

It’s not known when the tap water ban will be lifted, Mayor D. Michael Collins and Gov. John R. Kasich said at a news conference Sunday afternoon. They said they were waiting for the results of Environmental Protection Agency tests before deciding whether the tap water was safe, The Times reported.