Health Highlights: Aug. 22, 2022​

Want to maintain muscle? Frequency of workouts is key. A relatively light workout several times a week beats a more intense one done just once a week, new research finds. Read more

Many who need opioid OD antidote the most can’t afford it. Naloxone can be a lifesaver, but it may be priced too high for those most vulnerable to opioid-related death, a new study finds. Read more

Jill BIden tests negative for COVID. The First Lady left isolation on Sunday in South Carolina after twice testing negative for the coronavirus and was reunited with President Joe Biden at their Delaware beach home, staffers said. Read more

Wendy’s pull lettuce from sandwiches after possible link to E. coli cases. Of 26 people affected by a new E.coli outbreak who were interviewed by the CDC, 86% reported eating at a Wendy’s the week before they got sick. Read more

Are you ‘diet-resistant’ when it comes to weight loss? New research suggests there’s a category of “diet-resistant” people who need to work out and watch what they eat if they want to shed pounds. Read more