Health Highlights: Aug. 22, 2022​

There’s a big gap in life expectancy between states. People in Hawaii now live 9 years longer, on average, than folks in Mississippi, new data shows. Read more

Use of pot, hallucinogens soaring among young Americans. Online surveys show that, compared to a decade ago, reported use of these drugs over the past year has risen significantly among 19- to 30-year-olds. Read more

COVID virus’ incubation time gets shorter with each new variant. Chinese research shows the the time between infection and symptoms has shrunk from an average of 5 days to 3.5 days over the course of the pandemic. Read more

Medical marijuana for pain is linked to slightly higher odds for heart trouble. Among 1.6 million people with chronic pain, those prescribed medical pot were 64% more likely to suffer a heart rhythm disturbance in the next 6 months, researchers said. Read more

Regular exercise can help shield you from severe COVID. In a new international study, routine exercise was associated with a 34% lower risk of severe illness and a 43% lower risk of dying after infection with COVID-19. Read more