Health Highlights: Aug. 19, 2022​

Breakthrough might break down PFAS ‘forever chemicals.’ Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are used in nonstick cookware, waterproof cosmetics and water-repellent fabrics and have been linked with cancer. They’ve also been thought to be indestructible in nature — until now. Read more

Moving away from opioids for dental pain. One New York State clinic has successfully brought its use of the addictive painkillers down to zero, using other meds instead. Patients typically got the same or even better relief of post-procedure pain, dentists said. Read more

FDA issues warning letter to makers of illegal nicotine gummies. The agency considers these products concerning because they resemble candy or kid-friendly food, with the potential of causing severe nicotine toxicity or death among young children. Read more