Health Tip: Make Your Home Fall-Proof

(HealthDay News) — Falls in the home can lead to serious injury, including the all-too-common broken hip.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers these suggestions to minimize the risk of falling:

  • Keep stairs clear and well-lit, and make sure there are handrails on both sides. Also, there should be no loose rugs, carpets or boards.
  • Make sure there’s a slip-resistant rug outside the shower, with handrails and non-skid strips on the shower/tub floor.
  • In the bedroom, make sure there is clear and easy access to the door. Also, keep a lamp or flashlight near the bed.
  • Install a night light in the hallway, making that late-night trip to the bathroom safer.
  • Make sure furniture and decorations don’t block walkways.
  • Keep all cords neat and out of the way, and all rugs or carpets firmly attached to the floor.