Health Tip: Keep Toenails Healthy

(HealthDay News) — Ingrown toenails and nail fungus are just a couple of foot problems that may be prevented with proper care.

The American Podiatric Medical Association suggests how to help keep your feet and toes healthy:

  • Keep feet clean and dry, washing frequently with water and soap.
  • Properly trim your toenails, cutting them straight across.
  • Change socks and shoes frequently.
  • Wear shower shoes when in a public facility.
  • Inspect your feet regularly for wounds or signs of infection.
  • Make sure shoes fit properly, and wear socks made of synthetic materials instead of cotton, which tends to retain moisture.
  • Don’t wear hosiery that is too tight.
  • Avoid polishing toenails that appear infected. Always disinfect any instruments used on your feet or nails.