Health Tip: Dealing With a Sports Hernia

By on November 26, 2010

A sports hernia (medically called “athletic pubalgia”) can develop from playing sports that require sudden changes in movement, such as wrestling, soccer, ice hockey or football. Although not a traditional bulge in abdominal or groin tissue, a sports hernia can lead to intense pain.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons says these treatments can help a sports hernia heal:

  • Resting the injury for a week to 10 days, along with wrapping the area and applying ice.
  • Having physical therapy to strengthen the area, after a period of rest.
  • Taking medication to alleviate inflammation, pain and swelling.
  • Possibly having surgery to alleviate the injury, followed by rehabilitation to help speed recovery.

Source: HealthDay

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