Health Tip: Caregivers Can Help Prevent Falls

(HealthDay News) — Someone who is unsteady, weak and maybe a bit confused is a prime candidate for a dangerous fall.

The American Cancer Society says caregivers can help prevent falls by:

  • Sitting the person on the side of the bed for a minute, just after the person wakes. This will help if changing positions too quickly makes the person feel dizzy or unsteady.
  • Lending an arm when the person walks.
  • Staying with the person, if there’s a feeling of light-headedness, when the person goes to the bathroom.
  • Installing a bath mat or non-slip stickers in the shower or bath.
  • Keeping electric cords off the floor.
  • Keeping walking paths clear of clothing, throw rugs and other things that could lead to tripping or slipping.
  • Taping the edges of all rugs to the floor.
  • Having a bedpan within easy reach.
  • Reminding the person to wear shoes or non-skid slippers.