Health Tip: Talking With Your Child’s Cancer-Care Team

(HealthDay News) — If your child has cancer and is being treated by a team of specialists, frequent and open communication is essential.

The American Cancer Society suggests how to talk with team members:

  • Actively take part in your child’s care.
  • Communication should be clear, direct and honest.
  • Treat team members with respect.
  • Provide thorough and accurate information about your child’s health history.
  • Address any confusion, frustration or disagreement directly with the team members involved.
  • Develop positive and strong relationships with team members.
  • Maintain reasonable expectations about how much time team members can spend with the patient and your family.
  • Keep a running list of questions for team members.
  • Ask for explanations of medical or technical terms you don’t understand.
  • Take notes during important discussions.
  • Keep a log of all hospitalizations, tests and treatments.