Health Tip: Perform Regular Skin Checks

(HealthDay News) — Many skin cancers can be found early if you perform regular skin checks at home, the American Cancer Society says.

The best time to do a monthly exam is right after a bath or shower. You should check for any new or changed moles, blemishes or birthmarks.

Here are the Cancer Society’s suggestions for performing a skin check:

  • Face a mirror and check your face, ears, neck, chest and belly. Women should also examine their breasts and surrounding areas.
  • Check your underarms, both sides of your arms, the tops and palms of your hands, between your fingers, and your fingernails.
  • Sit down and check your thighs, shins, tops of your feet, between your toes and your toenails.
  • Use a hand mirror to look at the bottoms of your feet, your calves and the backs of your thighs.
  • Use the hand mirror to check your buttocks, genital area, lower and upper back, and the back of the neck and ears.
  • Use a comb or hair dryer to part your hair, so you can check your scalp.