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  • Hold the Sugar, but Splurge on Love

    Folks spend an estimated $1.6 billion on candy on Valentine’s Day. But considering their are currently 25.8 million adults in the United States who have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, February 14th should be a day...

    • Posted February 12, 2014
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  • 10 Surprising Ways to Spot and Prevent Diabetes

    Diabetes affects 26 million Americans according to the CDC, but worse: 79 million Americans are currently suffering from Pre-diabetes (Metabolic Syndrome). But there is good news, Pre-Diabetes is reversible. Dr. Joseph Pinzone – an Endocrinologist, the CEO...

    • Posted January 13, 2014
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  • Lose the Glasses, Gain the Advantage

    If you’re part of the non-tech nerd general public, the Bill Gates look never really worked. (Neither did that pocket protector.) And even if you do happen to hang in Silicon Valley, there’s no reason to stage...

    • Posted January 6, 2014
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  • Wrap It Up: Ending Holiday Migraines

    If the stress of the holiday season is taking its toll on your body, and you’re prone to migraines, that jolly trip to pick out presents can sour quickly. Don’t give up though. You may not believe...

    • Posted December 13, 2013
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  • Healthy Thanksgiving Tips from The Doctors

    ‘Tis the season for all things jolly and jiggly. This time of year gives you the opportunity to gather with friends and family, cook festive meals and give thanks for your many blessings. But this jolly time...

    • Posted November 19, 2013
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  • Are You Holding A Grudge?

    Don’t be an angry bird. If you’re the sort who believes that anger is just part of your DNA– I was born this way, you say– you might want to rethink your claim. Holding a grudge and...

    • Posted November 4, 2013
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  • CoolSculpting: Non-Invasive Liposuction

    While liposuction is still considered to be the most effective procedure that removes and re-sculpts areas of problem body fat, over the last couple of years many non-surgical liposuction alternatives have surfaced, often claiming to be faster...

    • Posted October 11, 2013
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  • Gastric Bypass Surgery: A Real Life Saver

    A recent post in the New York Daily News chronicled the weight loss of Jane Morgan, a thirty-eight-year old woman who at one point weighed 392 pounds. Morgan is a single mother to sons Callum, 8, and...

    • Posted October 9, 2013
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  • Boost Your Energy and Your Mood

    Feel exhausted before the day even starts? Do you wake, not with a stretch or the birds, but with a pounding caffeine headache and a mantra of: coffee, coffee, coffee. Turns out you’re hardly the only one....

    • Posted October 4, 2013
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  • Is One of These Diets Right for You?

    Many of us turn an initial toe-in-the-water grazing session into a permanent lifestyle choice. Veggie, vegan, gluten-free, and raw among are decisions we make for our health. There are proven benefits but you need to make sure...

    • Posted October 4, 2013
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  • 5 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Weightloss

    Whether you’re looking to jump-start weight loss, lose those last few pesky pounds or merely maintain your current weight without laboriously counting calories and sweating away hours at the gym, these minor adjustments to your daily routine...

    • Posted October 4, 2013
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