Health Tip: After You Have Knee Surgery

By on January 24, 2011

During surgery to reconstruct a damaged anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), a new ligament is attached to the knee.

Your doctor should send you home with instructions for what to do while you recover.

The ADAM Encyclopedia’s suggestions for recovery from ACL surgery include the following:

  • Rest as much as you can with your leg elevated on a couple of pillows placed beneath your calf muscle or foot.
  • Keep the dressing on your knee dry.
  • Don’t use a heating pad on the knee.
  • If recommended by your doctor, wear a supportive stocking to help decrease the risk of blood clots.
  • Do any exercises recommended by your doctor to help improve circulation and reduce blood-clot risk.
  • If so directed by your doctor, use crutches and wear a supportive knee brace.
  • Physical therapy may be prescribed as soon as two weeks after your surgery.

Source: HealthDay

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